CRS – Component Reliability Services

Reliability is becoming one of the most relevant features for a wide range of industries, such as machinery, transportation and renewable energy.  Reliable systems require highly reliable components. Consequently component related expertise is necessary during all phases of the product development process to achieve this objective. In general, a risk focus of complex systems is on technical and process interfaces: transition from design to development, from prototype to mass production, from OEM to supplier, etc. can generate various problems during the development and manufacturing stages.

Active support of inter-disciplinary and inter-company communications is therefore an integrated part of our technology-focused work. We are experienced in working with interdisciplinary, multi-national teams. We are also able to catalyze on the interaction between companies and cultures. If required we are also able to act as a mediator roles, drive decision making and take charge of developments in problem solving situations. We are used to providing support where differences between OEM and supplier occur. We adhere to strict confidentiality, whilest customers benefit from an external and impartial approach.

We are used to working with short term task forces as well as in long term partnerships. The dedicated scientific background of our partners in leading academic institutions contributes to a quick response to customer requirements. We have a decade of research experience in physical metallurgy as well as 15 years experience in the automotive industry with responsibility for material technology. We have developed and introduced physics-of-failure based methods to failure assessments and to reliability projects for various large scale companies around the globe. This approach has proved to be a highly efficient compliment to established CAE methods.

Our aim is to transfer our experiences, methods and processes across different industries in order to support problem solving and improve component quality.